Military Facility Ride Requirements

Many of our missions take place on Military Facilities. When riding a motorcycle onto a Military Facility, there are some very specific requirements that must be met.

The basic requirements can be summarized as follows:

  • Long Sleeves

  • Long Pants

  • DOT Approved Helmet

  • Eye Protection

  • Full-Fingered Gloves

  • Over the Ankle Boots (Sturdy Athletic shoes that cover the ankles are approved)

  • High-Visibility upper garmet during daytime, and reflective wear at night (Note that reflective belts are NO LONGER authorized)

  • All required paperwork (Registration, Proof of Insurance)

The requirements also state that any rider on a Military Installation must also graduate from an approved training class. The MSF basic motorcycle course will be accepted. Please note that for scheduled rides, this requirement will be waived when arriving and departing the facility as a group.

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