Lawrence David Ezell Memorial Bike

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HOTH Special Projects
Occasionally the HOTH team in Colorado will embark upon a special project. This year, the HOTH is working the Lawrence David Ezell Memorial bike project. Details about the project can be found here.



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If you are interested in sending a donation for this project, please use the address below:

Colorado Patriot Guard Riders
Ezell Memorial Bike Project
P.O. Box 36129
Denver, CO 80236





The Ezell Memorial Bike Project



On April 30, 2008, the wife and family of SFC Lawrence David Ezell of Fort Carson were notified that this Colorado hero had been killed in action in Baghdad, Iraq. SFC Ezell made this ultimate sacrifice that his brothers and sisters in arms and we here, might continue on in safety and return to peace.


Given participation by Patriot Guard Riders at services for SFC Ezell at Arlington National Cemetery; wife Christy contacted the PGR. We were advised that her husband would have insisted his motorcycle be donated to the Patriot Guard, backing its mission of support to our servicemen and women here and overseas.


After initially declining the offer as a generosity too great in its nature, we had the honor of meeting Dave and Christy’s 2 year old son, Tristan and our mission changed. It is now our passion to return SFC Ezell’s beloved ZX-6 Kawasaki to like new condition, adding special paint and detail to commemorate his life and dedication to our country. Once complete, this motorcycle will be sold and every penny received, plus any additional donations remaining will be invested in an education fund turned back to his son, Tristan.